A Grandfather message from grandchild – what would your grandfather message be if you could send one to him for Father’s Day? Grandfather poems are also grandfather messages because they share your affection and what having him as your unique grandpa means to you.

Grandfather Message from Grandchild

My granddaughter, Kaitlin, and I put our heads together and wrote a special grandfather message to her Grandfather. This grandfather poem sends grandfather messages of love to her favorite person.

A Poem for My Grandpa is for a very much loved grandfather. He has been caring for her since she was born. When it is time to leave, it seems to take forever. It is hard for her to let him go.

Kaitlin asked me if she thought other grandchildren would be able to use this poem for their Grandfather. Because not all people call their grandfather Grandpa, she said to tell you, “It’s okay if Grandpa is changed to Poppy, Grandfather, PopPop, PaPa….

A Poem for My Grandpa

My Grandpa, you are so special to me,
You teach me to be happy and free.
I love spending our fun days together,
We always find a new adventure.
You don’t mind answering my questions “Why?”,
You pick me up and carry me high.
My Grandpa, you take the time to teach,
And let me see things above my reach.
With you, I always feel safe and secure,
I’ll love you forever, ever more.
We say goodbye with a hug and kiss,
As I make a big, big special wish…
My wish for you, Grandpa, please, please don’t go.
Why? Because I love, love, love you so….

~ by Kaitlin and Nana ~

Grandfather messages don’t have to be in the form of a Father’s Day poem for your grandfather. A message from the heart is always perfect. Length and cleverness is not important. Make your grandfather message personal and meaningful. Tell Grandfather what having him in your life has meant to you, and what you will always remember about your relationship.

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