handprint activitiesHandprint poems, photos, and crafts are very popular gifts to give to grandparents. Grandchildren’s handprints can be the center of fun grandparent and grandchildren fun activities, too.

Last week, Poppy and I took Emily and Kaitlin to the beach for some sun and fun before we all had to go back to school this week (except for Poppy).

This is a digital photo of Emily’s (2 1/2) handprint. Next time I’m going to take a better picture. And, of course, I’ll take one of Kaitlin’s too, one of their hands together, one of Poppy’s and my hands, and one of all our hands in the sand as keepsakes of our fun in the sun at the Jersey shore. I’ll frame each of the 5 photos in a square frame and display them along the stairway hall.

If you have time to get to the beach or have a sandbox, gather the grandchildren and a digital camera and snap away! It will be fun for your grandchildren to compare sizes and differences of the hands in the sand and digital photos.  Let your grandchildren take pictures, too and display them along with your photos.

For more fun, take different objects and press them into the sand, then vary the distance and lighting for added effects. It is also a good lesson in cause and effect besides making comparison.

Enjoy your time together while you can…it goes so fast!  Whenever you are with your grandchildren, it is always a Grandparent and Grandchildren Day…a special day.