The holidays are fast approaching. The grandchildren are back in school, so now there is time do some holiday gift planning.

I like to start early with our holiday planning, which, of course, has holiday shopping for our grandchildren at the top of my “to do” list. In previous posts I introduced you to where you can find personalized, just-like-me dolls and accessories. Be sure to watch the video on how the My Twinn Dolls are made.

This next holiday gift idea is also a fun personalized gift for young children. As you know, young grandchildren love to listen to, sing to, and dance to music, especially when sung by their favorite characters AND the lyrics include the child’s very own name…you have ingredients for a gift that will surely please your grandchildren for a long time coming. Most presents are played with and forgotten, if not broken by Valentine’s Day.  This personalized gift will go on and on until the CD is worn out, and that surely is a great value for the price!

 personalized children's cds“What is the gift,” you ask? This wonderful gift is a personalized CD with songs by today’s most popular characters known to young grandchildren.  Visit AllAboutYouKids.comto find more information on the personalized CDs by VeggieTales, Elmo, Disney Princesses, Barney, The Wiggles, and of course, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy.