Grandchildren Graduation Poems for their special day. Graduation is an exciting time in a young person’s life. It can be stressful, too. Often inspirational poems can be used as graduation poems for grandchildren.

Inspirational Grandchildren Graduation Poems

Inspirational grandchildren graduation poems can help motivate your high school graduate to look positively into the future. Give the graduation poem you chose as a gift to remind your grandchild of your love, pride and hope for his or her future. A framed inspirational graduation poem can be a treasured graduation gift to be cherished wherever they go. It can also help the graduate hold on to that special connection between you.

7 Graduation Poems to Inspire

Grandchildren Graduation Poems #1

How Do You Get From Here to There?

How do you get from here to there?
Well, you first must believe you can
Let no one tell you differently~
It’s your life and it’s in your hands.
Then turn your dreams into your goals
And see what you need now
To satisfy the requirements:
The why, the where and how.
At first you’re overwhelmed, of course;
There’s so much for you to know.
But keep your faith, be strong and sure,
For you do have a way to go.
Take careful steps and do them right,
Take pride in each thing done.
Don’t look too far ahead of yourself,
Just that next step yet to come.
Before you know it you’ll be there,
Your dream will then be real.
And you’ll be standing where I am now,
Telling others how good it feels.
You’ll tell them not to quit themselves,
To have faith, though it’s hard to bear.
So they will know it can be done ~
They, too, can get from here to there.
~ Author, Jennings Michael Burch ~

Grandchildren Graduation Poems #2

Grandchild, Be Strong Along the Path of Life

“You’ve got so many possibilities ahead! Don’t be too quick to limit your choices of what to do, because you might limit your chances of unimagined joys that are waigting just for you.”

“Always keep your goodness and never lose your love. For then you’ll be rewarded with success you never dreamed of.”

“You’ve already got a good idea of what is expected of you and wished for you. One of the best things you can accomplish on life’s pathway is to be a walking example of the golden rule. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that it is worthless; it is one of the most valuable things you can do.”

“You’ve got a big heart. Keep it filled with happiness. You’ve got a fascinating mind. Keep finding new ways to grow. Keep yearning. Keep learning. Keep trying. Keep smiling. And keep remembering that a (grand)parent’s love goes with you… everywhere you go.”

Douglas Richards

Grandchildren Graduation Poems #3

My Grandson

Little man, how fast your grew and went the way all children do, into a world you’ve yet to know ~ you needed room to stretch and gow. I watched with pride as you felt your way and tested strengths in work and play. We shared our fun as buddies do ~ when you were cut I bled some too. Shooting baskets or climbing high, gazing at stars in the summer sky; we gave it our best just like a team, a young man’s game ~ an old man’s dream. I’ll always treasure those memories past, could prayers but make the good times last. But boys were meant to grow up strong and granddads can’t just tag along. So I hope you know and understand I’m always near if you need a hand, and of all God’s gifts could I choose but one… it would be a grandfather’s love for his grandson.

~ Author Unknown

Grandchildren Graduation Poem #4

Grandchild, On Your Special Day

My grandchild, this day is a special time for you, And it also means a lot to those who love you, too ~ So, along with lots of love and pride on this very special day, Comes a wish that you’ll be blessed in a very special way.

~ Author Unknown

Grandchildren Graduation Poem #5

On this your very special day may Jesus, who loves all children, stay always close beside you ~ to guard you and guide you, to bless you and be your Friend.

~ Author Unknown

Grandchildren Graduation Poem #6

Grandchild, You’ve made your friends and family very proud by working hard to reach this special day. May your achievement bring you joy and may your life ahead find you happy and successful in everything you do.

~ Author Unknown

Grandchildren Graduation Poem #7

There’s always been a lot of pride in every thought of you,

And on this special day, that’s more than ever true ~

So this brings you warmest wishes and a special heartfelt prayer

That God will always bless your life and keep you in His care.

~ Author Unknown