Nana to Grandchild Poem

A very short Nana to grandchild poem telling her grandchild no matter what, Nana would love just the same. Grandmothers give unconditional love. Children who have close, supportive grandmothers and grandfathers tend to be more successful in working through life’s challenges.

In today’s society, both parents find it necessary to work outside the home. This increases the need for grandparents to help in the caring of their grandchildren.

This poem is a short Nana to grandchild poem, but it says it all in just a few words…

Grandchild, Nana Would Love You Just The Same


If apples were pears and peaches were plums

and the rose had a different name,

If tigers were bears and fingers were thumbs,

Nana would love you just the same.

~ Anonymous ~