Goblins in the Night, a Trick-or-Treating Poem, is an original Halloween poem written from a young child‘s point of view who is inside his house on Halloween night.  Frightened earlier by goblins, vampires, witches, and other creatures who appeared at his door asking for candy, he hears knocking at the door again. They’ve come back! What should he do?

Read Goblins in the Night, a Trick-or-Treating Poem, to find out how this young boy handles his very scary situation…

Goblins in the Night, a Trick-or-Treating Poem

Goblins in the night

They cause such a fright!

Witches, black cats, grim reapers too…

I just don’t know what to do!

knock! knock! knock!

 They’d already come knocking at my door…

 And here they are back for more?

How can that be?

Are they here to get me?

I peek from behind the curtain…

Do they see me? I’m not certain.

knock! knock! knock!

I run and hide under my bed…

Cowardly with covered head.

Goblins in the night,

They cause such a fright!

Blood thirsty vampires and scary ghosts…

I don’t know what frightens me most!

knock! knock! knock!

If I open the door, they’ll steal me away…

Mom won’t know until I’m far away!

I tell myself, “I can do it!

I will be brave! I will not quit!”

Goblins in the night,

They cause such a fright!

 As I creep in the shadows to the door…

Haunting sounds come from the floor.

 While I stand like a mummy so stiffly poised…

 I wonder what made that spooky noise?

knock! knock! knock!

There is that knocking at the door again…

I  wait and slowly count to ten.

Mom calls, “Please, go open the door!

Before I must count to four!”

What a choice I’m given to make…

Doesn’t she know what’s at stake!

knock! knock! knock!

Why have they come back…for me or more?

I bravely open the creaking door…


What do you have that’s sweet?

Oh, my! Is it possible, is it so?

Candy turned them into scarecrows!

No more goblins in the night!

Don’t worry, now…everything’s all right…

knock! knock! knock!

…or is it…

~ ©Barbara R Johnson


Did you like Goblins in the Night, a Trick-or-Treating Poem? Do you know another trick-or-treating poem? Do you have favorite Halloween poems?

If you were the young boy, what would you do? Would you answer the door…or, to be safe, get your mother to come be with you when you open the door?