Jekinson’s Aquarium, Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Instead of giving a gift that may last but a short time, give the gift of an experience. It will last a lifetime with the wonderful memories you’ll create together. Give an experience you can share with your grandchildren. The gift of an experience is a great Christmas gift, too…and Jenkinson’s Aquarium is a fun place to visit during the winter school vacation!
On Valentine’s Day we did just that. We took our two granddaughters, ages 3 and 7 1/2, to Jenkinson’s Aquarium on the Boardwalk in Point Pleasant. We had a fun day exploring, watching, and touching, too! Emily and Kaitlin were in awe. Sharks, sting rays, strange looking fish, penguins, seals, mysterious urchins, and a blue lobster, too!Sharks
Throughout Jenkinson’s Aquarium, were small tanks each one just as interesting as the last one. Just past the stairs, we found a couple of alligators and across the way from them, it was feeding time for the penguins. ( Check out the penquin cam.) When you hear the announcement, be sure to get to the penguin display so you get a good view.Penguins
Next, we went up to the second floor of Jenkinson’s Aquarium. We found exotic birds, a Pygmy Marmoset – one of the smallest kinds of monkeys in the world, a variety of underwater specimens, and a touch tank supervised by friendly, knowledgable assistants.Touching a Horseshoe Crab
On the other side of the room, you can watch the seals as they swim and play in their tank. The girls enjoyed watching them swim, turn, sit up, and dive to the bottom and back up again. One of the seals is blind but it doesn’t keep her from having as much fun as the other seals. At 4:00, the seals entertained us while they were fed by their attendants. One rolled over, one dove for toys, and one “sang”.  They each had their teeth brushed, too. The kids all loved it when two of the seals kissed!Kissing Seals
After the seal feeding, we were able to learn more about the sea urchin, star fish, horse shoe crab, and large snail we saw earlier in the touch area. Everyone was welcome to touch each after careful instructions on where and how.Jenkinson's Aquarium
Emily and Kaitlin said the best exhibits were the shark tank and the seal feeding.  It was fun seeing the unusual looking fish, too. There’s a great gift store to pass through as you exit Jenkinson’s Aquarium. You’ll be able to find a large variety of affordable souvenirs.Jenkinson's Aquarium
After our visit, we went across the Boardwalk for pizza. Some of the shops and games were open…and in the Spring, the Jenkinson’s rides will be ready for all to enjoy, too.Jenkinson's Pt Pleasant
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On March 12, 2008, the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) announced that Jenkinson’s Aquarium was granted accreditation by AZA’s Independent Accreditation Commission.