I previously wrote a post on March 8 about Eyejot, a grandparent user friendly webcam program that can be used from your desktop or laptop so that you and your grandchildren can keep visually in touch while having enjoyable conversations, too.  If you are a distant grandparent, using Eyejot with a webcam is great. Your young grandchildren will recognize your face, not just your voice, when you visit. (Read my post linked below for more information on Eyejot or Visit Eyejot and view video examples of Eyejot)  and while you’re there join up for your free or Pro eyejot. Below is a link to CNet which is an excellent site for learning more about products and software, and also a widget that gives you more consumer review information on Amazon. Both sites give varying price information, too.

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000   CNet Review

 I also wrote a post on January 20 about a great grandparent’s and grandchild’s Valentine’s Day Gift which was about a digital photo key chain, which I also have. Imagine, being able to show off 60 digital photos at one time without having to carry around a bulky photo album. It is small and handy since I keep my keys on it – I have it with me all the time. Before purchasing the digital photo key chain, I would run into old friends who would ask about my grandchildren and wouldn’t you know it…I didn’t have their photos with me. The grandchildren’s photos were in my purse that I had left locked in my car…but I did have my keys. So now I always have the grandchildren’s photos and my keys. I’m always ready and able to show them off! The widget below has a link to the digital photo key chain that I have and two others for you to check out if you’re interested in learning more about them.