Every month on the first Wednesday, our town has “clean up day.”  Almost anything you don’t want to keep any longer can be put out to the curb. Whatever the curb pickers don’t take, the borough will transport to the local dump.  One Tuesday evening this past May, my husband took our dog for a walk as he does every night. As he was rounding the corner about a quarter of a mile away, he saw an electric Power Wheels Barbie jeep at the curb with other discarded items. Needless to say, he and our Buddy jogged home to get my SUV and drove back in time to grab up the Barbie jeep for our granddaughters. All it needed was a battery and it was good to go!  We have a wide driveway, large enough for the girls to drive it for hours of fun. I highly recommend this for kids if there is a safe place to drive it around supervised, other than the road.

Electric ride on toys for kids are some of the most popular gifts found on kids’ Christmas lists. Every child would love to pretend to drive a jeep, truck, or motorcycle. Our Kaitlin, lays her arm across the back of the seat, backs it up into the garage, pulls out, does large K turns, and enjoys putting on the break to slide like the guys do in the movies.  Luckily, there is also a slower speed for her younger sister.

Their baby brother loves cars and trucks of all sizes, shapes, and colors. When he and his sisters come to visit, he won’t leave the girls alone until they take him for a ride in their Barbie jeep. We know that when he’s old enough to drive an electric jeep, he won’t want to drive theirs since it is very pink. What do you think the chances are that his Poppy will find him a john deere truck or tractor at the curb?