Best Gift Ideas for Bonding with Kids

Are you looking for fun, unique Christmas gifts for the kids this year? Well, I have ideas for gifts that grandparents can enjoy along with your grandchildren…have you seen Lowe’s Red Tool Box Tools and Kits for Kids – the concept is truly quality in a box. Kaitlin, age 9 1/2, always enjoys working with Poppy at his tool bench in the basement workshop, so when Lowe’s asked me to review the Red Toolbox on my blog I jumped at the chance. Red Toolbox is a collection of tools specifically designed to suit a child’s grip (age 8+), complemented by a wide selection of original woodworking kits and a workbench sold exclusively at Lowe’s stores nationwide and on  Poppy approved of the quality of the tools including a tool belt and safety goggles, and the two kits that were sent to us.

Red Toolbox Tools and Kits

Much of what Nana’s Corner is about – bonding with your grandkids – can be enjoyed with Red Toolbox. No experience necessary. If you’re like me, you and your grandchild can learn together with the simpler Beginner level kits, such as a mini bug farm or a treasure chest (what we’ll be starting with – yes, Nana, too) …moving up to the Intermediate stage and eventually building an Advanced level kit together.

Red Toolbox is a unique world of activities designed with parents and kids in mind, offering wholesome learning and fun for everyone. Even parents with no previous knowledge can offer guidance along the way, watching as their child learns to follow instructions and illustrations, assume responsibility and develop his or her independence and capabilities. Red Toolbox is about parents and kids working, creating and learning together. The activities are as fun as they are rewarding, producing long lasting reminders of quality time spent together. Now, don’t you wish you had Red Toolbox when you were a kid?

Yesterday, I told our daughter about this fun Christmas gift we have for Kaitlin. She was so excited. She had asked Kaitlin for Christmas gift ideas. As one of her gifts, she wanted kid’s tools and wooden building kits. These are unique gifts I don’t think too many grandparents or parents would think of on their own when making their list of gift ideas for the young ones. This will be a fun project during Christmas vacation week when the girls sleep over. We’ll let Emily help with the project, too. Kaitlin can build it, and Emily can paint it.

Oh, and by the way – grandparents, you can buy these fun gifts at Lowe’s for your children and grandchildren to enjoy together, too.  I don’t think we grandparents should be the only ones to have fun with the kids!

Additional information can be found at where kids, grandparents, and parents can also create a wish list of gifts.  I’m sure Red Toolbox tools and kits will be found on top holiday gift ideas lists this year. Have fun!

(Besides holiday gifts, put this on your lists for birthday gifts, Father’s Day gifts…and maybe even for Mother’s Day gifts.)