Memorial or Funeral Poem for Dad

funeral poem for dadMy Daddy by Jane-Ann Heitmueller is an excellent example of a poem that could be read at a funeral or memorial service to honor your father or grandfather.

To make it personal for your dad or grandfather, just change or add a few words so it describes the special man who had such a positive and meaningful influence on your life:

My Daddy

By Jane-Ann Heitmueller

My daddy was a quiet soul.
His hands were soft, yet strong.
Few words he spoke, nor temper showed,
Strove hard to do no wrong.

His honesty and truth shown bright
Without saying a word.
Yet I could sense the message that
Was daily seen, not heard.

No utterance of criticism ever
Passed his lips.
No snide remarks to fellow man,
No hurtful, harmful quips.

The love of family ruled his life,
Protector of us all.
Respecter of God’s creatures,
Be they large or be they small.

A simple man.
A gentle man.
A man I miss each day.
My daddy…whom I loved
And who has shown me
Life’s true way.

In loving memory of my dad, FRM