Personal Grandmother Funeral Poem

Are you searching for a poem to read at your grandparent’s funeral? There are many funeral or bereavement poems to find on websites such as this one, but the best funeral poem would be a personal funeral poem you write for your grandparent from your heart.

grandmother funeral poemRecently, our children’s grandmother, Mom Mom, passed on to heaven and one of our daughters, Kari, wanted to express her feelings by reading a poem at the funeral. She searched but didn’t find one that was meaningful, so she wrote her own. Knowing her sister and brother felt the same, she wrote the funeral poem to their Mom Mom from the three of them.

A Funeral Poem to Grandmother

It is a lovely, personal funeral poem…it is written from the heart. Kari has given me permission to share her original funeral poem to their grandmother here for you to read. Perhaps this funeral poem to her grandmother will give you inspiration to write your own.


Mom-Mom, you gave us something special no other could,
The unconditional love from a Grandmother’s heart.
You watched us grow from babies to adults,
Always protecting us, advising us, and loving us.
You gave us so many memories…
From your coffee and coleslaw to your curlers, brush, and comb,
You giving scooter pies and making us grilled cheese.
Mom-Mom you were always there to talk to,
Always there to count on,
Always there for us to play with,
Even after Kaitlin and Emily were born.
On the morning of August 5th, when we all got that phone call
Telling us you passed,
We lost more than just Mom-Mom,
A part of our hearts now gone.
We all will miss you forever Mom-Mom,
This emptiness never to be filled.
Even though we can’t believe you’re gone,
We all know you are watching from above.
We wish you were here with us now,
Though we understand you had to move on.
We may have lost our Mom-Mom on earth,
But we gained a guardian angel in Heaven.
We know you love us Mom-Mom,
And forever we will love you.
May God bless you Mom-Mom,
Because the Angel he took is You.

(Thank you, Kari)