These six original fun Valentine poems were written by me today. I hope you like them in at least some small way. My fun Valentine poems are for you to enjoy, whether man, woman, girl, or boy. Looking for an alliteration poem for Valentine’s Day? You’ll find Vivid Valentines below without delay!

Make a Valentine for Me

Make a pretty Valentine today,

Make it in your own special way.

Make a Valentine with hearts for me,

Tell me yours you want me to be.

Vivid Valentines (alliteration example)

In my garden, vivid valentines grow on vines,

surrounded by romantic red roses.

Come to my glorious garden,

choose your fancy favorite,

and say you’ll be marvelously mine!

To Give You a Valentine

I want to give you a Valentine.

I want to ask you to be mine.

Not today? Maybe another time,

When we are older…like when we’re nine.

Valentine, Valentine

Valentine, Valentine will you be mine

if I share my favorite rhyme

or let you win a game next time?

What is that…you say Yes?

Valentine, you are the best!

I Have a Crush

I have a crush on you

and hope you feel the same way, too.

If you tell me your answer is no,

it will make me sadly sad…so

please think twice, even thrice,

and tell me something very nice.

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner told her daughter

(in her tone that is haughtier)

“Boys are toys until 29.”

I sure hope you’ll be mine

before that old age time!

All 6 Valentine Poems are by Barbara R Johnson
~ ~
© 2012 Barbara R Johnson

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