Happy New Year is Code for Tomorrow We Diet

Time for a New Year’s Diet Poem. Here it is New Year’s Eve. That means it’s that time again…tomorrow I start my New Year’s Diet…again! I’ve just been to the market to pick up some appetizers and a couple of desserts to bring to a party which will be fun in which to indulge along with the other tempting dishes…but the problem is the aftermath effect. I will be brought back to reality again when I attempt to shop for clothes during the Winter Clearance Sales! I’ll moan, accented with many whimpers, and come home with clothes for the grandkids instead. And, just like every other January, I will vow to begin another diet to lose 20 pounds in time for the Spring Sales!

A New Year’s Diet Poem

It’s That Time Again, by Valerie Waite, is a fun New Year’s diet poem expressing what most of us, whether mother or grandmother, go through every winter holiday season. I know you’ll appreciate this diet poem – and your children will too!


We’ve seen the last of the turkey and chips,
Christmas cake and those luscious cream dips.
The biscuits; the nibbles; the puddings and pies
Mum ate over Christmas have trebled her size.

When she stepped on the scales, there arose such a clamour.
“I’m fat!” she squawked. “I’m losing my glamour”.
Chocolates and crisps, all those crumbly mince pies,
Are to be blamed for her increasing thighs.

Every item of food she enjoyed will be banished,
Until all her extra blubber has vanished.
No crisps, sweets or puddings with cream, rich and thick.
Instead, she will munch on a celery stick.

Hungry, bad-tempered she’ll be, there’s no doubt.
But isn’t that what the New Year’s all about?
By the end of the month we’ll be ready to riot.
So, have a great Year Mum, and enjoy your diet.

~ © 2004 Valerie Waite ~