I recently shared with you the reaction  my daughter’s nursery school students had when they watched Rock N Learn’s Alphabet Exercise video. It kept the kids active and their attention for the entire video! The other teachers thought the kids’ exercise video was great, too. Now I have more to tell you about!

With Emily just 3 years old and a new baby brother soon to be arriving, I also gave them Rock N Learn’s Nursery Rhymes DVD. I watched it with my granddaughters last Saturday in the car while doing some shopping for my son’s fiance’s bridal shower. It is adorable! There are many nursery rhymes, all animated and presented in song. I enjoyed singing along with Mother Goose, too. The Rock N Learn Nursery Rhymes brought back memories of when my children were small.

Here’s another great review from my daughter on Rock N Learn’s animated educational videos: Nursery Rhymes.  

Text  Message #1:

“Just so you know, K and Em have been watching nursery rhymes DVD non stop. They love it! And they sing them when not watching too lol. K said please get solar system one asap because that’s what they are doing in school and she wants it before the test lol”

Text Message #2:

“Also beginning fractions and decimals DVD too. That’s what she just started in math.”

If you are looking for something entertaining and educational for your grandchildren of all learning stages, check out Rock N Learn’s video samples and order one. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!