Fun grandpa poem for Grandpa. Grandpa is always full of fun and surprises. Here is a fun grandpa poem for Grandpa – for every grandpa that brings special treats to his grandchildren hidden in his shirt pocket!

What fun grandpas are! Kaitlin and Emily’s Poppy brings Milk Duds and quarters, and sometimes pops. It is a ritual now, he can’t leave without them getting their treats and lots of hugs and kisses.

Fun Grandpa Poem

You might like to add this fun grandpa poem to the back of a shirt card to Grandpa on Father’s Day or Grandparent’s Day or a birthday. You’ll find shirt card ideas for Grandpa on Father’s Day Handmade Gift Ideas | Gifts Dad Will Love. One includes a fingerprint handkerchief in the shirt pocket.

Grandpa’s Shirt Pocket

Now some kids have a grandpa.
Some have quite a few.
But mine´s the bestest grandpa
That anyone ever knew.

He´s not just ordinary
He´s got a special call.
He sounds like Woody Woodpecker,
I can hear him clear down the hall.

And boy, do I come runnin´,
‘Cause he´s got more you see.
He´s got a special shirt pocket
With things in it just for me.

And if I cuddle up
And give a great big kiss,
All kinds of little surprises come out,
I wouldn´t want to miss.

He used to give us gum,
But mom said, “Not any more.”
I guess she kept a findin´ it,
Smashed into the family room floor.

But heck, I don´t even care
And I don´t give no sobs.
He´s got something better now.
For our kisses we get pops.

But my sister likes the bubbles.
He can make many for all of us.
And even the little babies
Can help blow them without a fuss.

And then we laugh when they pop out
He makes sure it doesn’t hurt.
It´s amazing what fun there is
In the pocket of his shirt.

But that´s not all, there´s one more thing
Grandpa calls it his lipstick
He slides it across our lips
and seals it with a loving kiss

Some grandpa´s give kids money
And tell them not to spend it.
But ours gives hugs and kisses
And surprises from his pocket.

~ Author Unknown ~

edited by Nana