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Fun Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Creative activities to do with kids throughout the year…for all seasons, holidays, and gifts…STEM included!



Irish Ancestors Bring Surprises – Find Yours

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by searching for Irish ancestors. If you hurry, will let you search their Irish databases for free from now until the end of St. Patrick's Day. Irish Ancestors in Your Closet On St. Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish. Who knows, you may really have some Irish ancestors in your closet.  I found more than I knew I had; for some reason, my maternal grandmother never told me she had a huge Irish [...]

Baby Shower Songs Playlist – Baby Titles

July, 2013, was a month to celebrate births on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with a Baby Shower Songs Playlist with Baby in the Title. Prince William and his beautiful bride, Kate, along with all of England celebrated the birth of their newest heir to the throne. And in New Jersey, many families celebrated births that month, too! How many of a baby shower songs playlist do you think were created the Spring of 2013? According [...]

Personalized Valentine Jewelry Gifts | Granddaughter, Grandmom, Mom

Personalized Valentine's Day Jewelry Hearts A loving personalized valentine's day jewelry heart gift for mom, grandmom, daughter, granddaughter, niece, wife, friend, or significant other. Whomever you choose will always be able to hold you close to her heart when you give the special gift of a sterling silver personalized Valentine's Day jewelry heart. Nothing says I love you better than personalized Valentine's Day jewelry hearts from Things Remembered. For their 10th year Valentine Gift, [...]

6 Valentine Handprint Poems and 10 Valentine Designs

Valentine Handprint Poems Valentine handprint poems for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa (aunts, and uncles too) sent with love bring a smile and joy to the heart. I've created a collection of 6 Valentine handprint poems, complete with handprint designs, for you to search for the perfect Valentine for favorite relatives...and friends, too. Don't forget your child's teacher, babysitter, and bus driver! Everyone loves to feel special and Valentine handprint poems can do just that...take a [...]

3 Grandparents Handmade Valentines | Valentine Poem

Grandparents' handmade valentines and Valentine Poem. The best Valentines grandparents receive are the Valentines that their grandchildren made least for us, they are! I don't think any grandparent would disagree. As my children can attest to, they'll tell you I'm sentimental and love a poem in my've written a simple Valentine Poem (see below) for grandchildren to include with their handmade Valentine for their grandparents. Retype, print, or write the poem on a white [...]

Happy New Years Resolutions To You!

Happy New Year Resolutions to you and yours! Remember to keep your resolution list short, doable, and not to expect 100% achievement. The last New Years resolution on your list should be to keep working on your New Years Resolutions, even if you find you had unintentionally given up or become distracted from your original goals. In fact, I believe we should just concentrate on one New Year resolution at a time. Staying focused is much easier if we have [...]

DIY Christmas Food Gifts Kids Can Make

Christmas Food Gifts are fun to cook with children. Food gifts can be inexpensive and simple and a great way to start children to enjoy cooking. Christmas food gifts are always enjoyed by teachers, friends, and family. Making DIY Christmas gifts with children also provides the opportunity to teach children the meaning of Christmas. The spirit of Christmas is about the giving and the enjoyment of the thought behind the gift. DIY Christmas Food Gifts for Kids to Make With [...]

Indoor Halloween Party Ideas – Bad Weather Activities

Indoor Halloween Party Ideas Indoor Halloween party ideas to get your family through bad weather... Halloween is just a few days away. A monster hurricane (or any type of bad weather) shouldn't get in your family's way of creating last-minute indoor Halloween party ideas! It's a shame if children have to miss out on their Halloween fun. Most likely it will be raining with a possibility of trees and power lines lining the streets instead of strewn toilet paper. Outdoor Halloween plans for [...]

Free Online Games: Scooby Doo and More

Online Games A funny thing happened on a recent walk through a toy store...I found toys which brought back memories of my son's childhood, and that in turn led me to where I now play online games! The series of events that landed me there are as follows: While in the toy store, I posted a picture of the nostalgic toys on Facebook and soon received comments from my son, some of his friends, and my daughter. Her comment informed [...]