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Fun Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Creative activities to do with kids throughout the year…for all seasons, holidays, and gifts…STEM included!



11 St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Crafts | Activity Plan

11 St. Patrick's Day handprint crafts, easy, fun activities with lesson plan. St. Patrick's Day handprint crafts can include shamrocks, leprechauns, pots o' gold, glitter, and rainbows. Challenge: children design their own St. Patrick's Day handprint pictures, write directions, make gifts for parents, grandparents... ​St. Patrick's Day Handprint Crafts for Kids St. Patrick's Day is on its way! It's time to make St. Patrick's Day handprint crafts. Children love to mess with paint so [...]

4 Special Valentines | DIY Chocolate Lovers Valentines

Special Valentines Do children still make special Valentines for their grandparents, parents, friends, and teachers? I'm wondering because Valentines seem to be so over commercialized. Last weekend I walked into a card store with my grandchildren. There, of course, in the center of the entrance was a large display of boxed valentine cards. stickers included. Where to place the stickers on the cards is all they creativity needed. I understand how busy moms are [...]


Choosing Grandparents-Grandchildren Activities Needs Think-Ahead Planning Recently, I was asked how do you choose grandparents-grandchildren activities and what makes a good grandparent. So...I did some research. I asked experts...our grandchildren. Here are some honest responses: always there for us unconditional love...especially when your teen grandchild comes with an attitude (her mom added) makes us feel special does things we like to do fun...Poppy is better    Side note: This weekend when I asked my grandkids what [...]

32 Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids [Links List]

List: 32 Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids [links] to enjoy along with popular post 32 Fun Thanksgiving Poems for Kids (Thanksgiving turkey themed poems) To go along with my popular 32 Fun Thanksgiving Poems for Kids (mostly Thanksgiving turkey themed poems), I'm sharing with you 32 Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts for Kids. Introduce your children or students to November's Thanksgiving theme with three of the 32 Fun Thanksgiving Poems for Kids and three of the 32 [...]

13 Scary Children’s Halloween Poems | Party Ideas

13 spooky, creepy children's Halloween poems add to the fun for a Halloween themed party or sleepover the weekend before Halloween...with links to more Halloween party ideas below. Children are already excited about the spookiest holiday celebration and the thrill of wearing their Halloween costume, whether it be ghoulish or glamorous, or something in between. Children's Halloween parties are fun and a great opportunity to involve children in the creative planning. The anticipation of surprising [...]

9 Memorial Day Activities To Make Your Day Memorable

...Memorial Day remains one of America's most cherished patriotic observances. The spirit of this day has not changed - it remains a day to honor those who died defending our freedom and democracy. Doc Hastings Memorial Day Activities Made Memorable Have we lost the true meaning of Memorial Day? For many, I fear, it marks the beginning of summer with Memorial Day activities without any reference to the true meaning of the day: three-day weekend [...]

Teddy Bear Picnic Party Treats

Teddy Bear Day Picnic Party Have a Teddy Bear Picnic Party with special Teddy Bear treats. Make a memory with your kids or grandkids. Perhaps it's Teddy Bear's birthday soon! Schools may celebrate Teddy Bear Day on September 9, but that's not the only day you can have Teddy Bear fun...Invite your kids or grandkids (and their Teddy Bear friends) to enjoy some very special Teddy Bear Picnic Party Treats (inside or outside). Use a Teddy Bear shaped invitation Choose some fun [...]

Heart Handprint Gift | DIY Handpainted Plate

Heart Handprint Gift Valentine's Day is the next fun gift-giving holiday. The fun in this heart handprint gift for a Valentine's Day gift is that your children can make a gift that will display the love for all to see for many years. It will truly be come a keepsake. The nice thing about Valentine's Day gifts to parents and grandparents is that, since they are given with love from the heart, they are more [...]

National Parks Week: 3 Ways to Enjoy – Air Wick, Disney, Honest Tea

National Parks Week To celebrate National Parks Week, all 401 National Parks have free admission and events planned. Can you name the names of the 401 National Parks? I certainly can't, and if I did then this post would be too long. If I've peaked your curiousity, the National Park Service can help you with their names and locations on their website. Do you know which naturalist was the first to persuade President Harrison to [...]