Playing fun, free online Halloween games for younger kids is a safe way for young kids and grandchildren to enjoy Halloween…especially when they are free!

Halloween is filled with excitement and fun for young kids. It is one of my favorites. I miss the Halloween games we used to play when our kids were younger. There was always a lot of fun preparing for the Halloween activities.

The one Halloween game I don’t miss is Bobbing for Apples…imagine the germs we must have all shared! I cringe just thinking about it…

The following online games are free. Before your kids play these fun online Halloween games, it’s a good idea for you to try them out to determine if any might cause some frustration. I want this to be a fun activity for your kids…and besides, it gives parents an excuse to have some Halloween fun, too!

Online Halloween Games for Younger Kids

free Halloween games for kids onlineBut, for our grandkids Halloween games take on a new format. Our grandkids stayed the past two weekends which gave us a chance to play some free online Halloween games for kids with them. In fact, they taught us how! LOL They love playing games online which is how I found some of the free Halloween games for kids that I’ve linked to below.

Click on the links to find the fun, free online Halloween games for young kids and enjoy! They are safe and appropriate for young children up to about twelve years old.

The free Halloween cooking games are real recipes that kids can learn to make before they try the real thing with a parent or grandparent!

Online Halloween Cooking Games

  • How to Make Halloween Pumpkin Pie – Carve up the biggest pumpkin you can find and bake up some delicious home made Pumpkin Pie! Go step by step, scooping the insides out then add some spices and voila!
  • How to Make Pumpkin Pancakes (Cupcakes)  -  Bake up some frightfully festive treats for the Halloween season.
  • How to Make Witches Brew  -  Candy, veggies and all sorts of scary fun cute critters are climbing in and out of this Witches cute cauldron. Help her brew up a deliciously magical concoction for her Halloween party!
  • How to Make Spooky Snacks – Serve spooky Halloween snacks with witches’ fingers and eyeballs on the menu your guests are in for a real treat…or trick…definitely scary!
  • How to Make Halloween Cupcakes to serve to ghouls and goblins without the witchy ingredients…this time!

Spooky Online Halloween Games for Younger Kids

  • Spook Busters  -  Halloween is always right around the corner when you play this game. Who you gonna call? Spook Busters!
  • Spooky Hoops  -  Pick up all the pumpkins to gain some energy and then run into the basket zone to score a basket. Avoid poisonous snakes and the defensive skeletons. Have fun!
  • Eyeball Bounce Game  -  See how many times you can bounce the eyeball up in the air. It it touches the ground, you start at zero again!

Online Halloween Games For Younger Kids

Online Halloween Animated Videos for Younger Kids

  • Abacadabra  -  Enjoy a fun animated read along song kids can act out.
  • Zoodles – Super Why was designed to encourage young children to develop important literacy skills through animation.

Happy Halloween! For fun Halloween recipes for kids, check out 6 Easy Halloween Recipes.