Fourth of July Bike Decorating Family Fun

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Fourth of July Bike Decorating Family Fun

Easy Fourth of July Bike Decorating Family Fun. The Fourth of July is approaching fast and I haven’t started any decorating or celebration plans yet!  We’ll be on vacation with our children and their families so I want to make it extra special. I did find a long Happy Fourth of July banner at our local “dollar” store along with some glow in the dark flags, but other than that….nothing!

I found these easy Fourth of July bike decorating ideas for a family fun celebration…what do you think?

Fourth of July Bike Decorating

Our granddaughters (ages 5 and 10) will have their bikes at the shore house fourth of july bike decoratingwe’ve rented for the week. Bike decorating is a great activity the kids always enjoy. Do you remember decorating your bike when you were young(er)? We used baseball cards…if only we had kept them, and not for our bikes!

Adults are allowed to assist, but taking charge is not permitted! has a bike decorating kit that can be ordered, but as you can see it should be very easy to put together do-it-yourself kits for the kids. All you need to replicate this Fourth of July Bike Decorating Kitfourth of july bike decorating is:

  • 6″ Red Star Cutouts (3)
  • 6″ Blue Star Cutouts (3)
  • 6″ x 4″ Plastic Flags (2)
  • 8″ x 8″ Plastic Fringe Pieces (2)
  • 9″ Red Latex Balloons (2)
  • 9″ Blue Latex Balloons (2)
  • 12′ x 3″ Plastic Streamer (1).

And, of course, Martha Stewart  has Fourth of July bike parade decorating ideas, too! You’ll find detailed suggestions forfourth of july bike decorating

  • spokes
  • handle bars and basket adorned with festive stars
  • banners
  • cards
  • streamers
  • pennants
  • patriotic bike shield.
  • Fourth of July bike decorating printables

I like Martha Stewart’s decorating idea to place Fourth of July bike decorating supplies in patriotic pails, decorated for the event.

Fourth of July Wagon Decorating

Our two grandsons are 2 and 2 months…and 2 months. (The cousinsfourth of july bike decorating share the same birthday.) For their participation in the Fourth of July Parade, they will be riding in a wagon decorated for the 4th of July with their parents’ help. Decorating a wagon for the parade is just as easy, too. also has a 4th of July Wagon Decorating Kitfourth of july bike decorating that shows you what you need and how to decorate. This can be a DIY project with these red, white, and blue supplies…

  • 6″ Red Star Cutouts (3)
  • 6″ Blue Star Cutouts (3)
  • 6″ x 4″ Plastic Flags (4)
  • 12″ Printed Star Cutouts (2)
  • 10′ x 8″ Plastic Fringe (1)
  • 9″ Red Latex Balloons (2)
  • 9″ Blue Latex Balloons (2)
  • 10′ x 3″ Plastic Streamer (1)

More Fourth of July Bike Decorating Ideas:

  • By watching this 4th of July video with your children and grandchildren, you may come up with some bike, scooter, or wagon decorating ideas of your own:  Great American Bike Parade   The kids will love it if you arrive with a box full of various red, white, and blue patriotic decorations for a bike parade, even if the town doesn’t hold one!  Don’t forget the balloons!

4th of July Parade Decorating Tip: For easy decorating, be sure to have good adhesives that are not permanent yet will keep the 4th of July decorations on the bikes and wagons, easy for the kids to use, and also easy for the grown-ups to remove.

  • In the scrapbooking section of craft stores, you can find removable adhesives, such as Glue Dots. On their website, they tell you how to remove them after the parade.  As the company explains:

Glue Dots are a great and safe alternative to typical tapes and glue guns.  Enjoy instant decorations as Glue Dots bond instantly and require no dry time!  They provide instant gratification for kids and adults along with the strength you need in an adhesive without the mess and dry time of liquid glues.  

  • For decorating a scooter, wagon, or bike for the 4th of July, they suggest the kids use:
    • Permanent or Craft Glue Dots (for constructing the decorations)
    • Removable Glue Dots (for adhering to the bike, wagon, or scooter)
    • Red, White, and Blue Decorations: Ribbon, Paper, Pinwheels, Streamers, and more

More 4th of July Family Fun

Patriotic Outfit Contest

Another 4th of July family fun activity will be dressing up to celebrate the great event and fireworks display.  For this 4th of July activity, you’ll need to let everyone know ahead of time so they can plan or shop. Ask your family members to bring clothing that matches the red, white, and blue patriotic theme. Added decorations to adorn their outfits (and themselves) are absolutely allowed!

4th of July Menu

The 4th of July is my day to plan the supper menu. Of course, it will include a red, white, and blue dessert…probably a sheet cake with low-fat vanilla pudding, topped with low fat Cool Whip decorated with strawberries and blueberries to create the American flag.

Another dessert we enjoy is an angel food cake topped with low fat Cool Whip, strawberries, and blueberries.

The kids like the red, white, and blue ice pops.

I need more time to plan the rest of the meal…chicken, burgers, and hot dogs might already have been reserved by my kids for their menu planning supper ideas.  Any easy suggestions for the grill on 4th of July?

Update:  Last year we ordered pizza delivered to the beach house we rented…that was very $$$. So, this year we are making our own pizzas. Some will use the oven and some of us (Nana included) will cook pizza on the gas grill. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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  1. Susan Adcox 2011/07/02 at 4:27 pm

    We like kebabs/kabobs. Marinate some chicken breasts and a big thick steak. Cut into cubes and thread on skewers, along with chunks of bell pepper, onion, pineapple and squash. Make some skewers all meat for the non-vegetable lovers and some all veggie for the vegetarians. Get some help threading the pieces on the sticks. It’s a fun bonding activity.

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