Our son is about to be a first time father…a first time father of a son. Today, I received a very special poem, Only Yesterday by Jane Heitmueller, to pass along to our son. In order to introduce the poem properly, I’ve included her email message that accompanied her poem originally written for her own son as a first time father, upon the birth of his new baby:

How excited you must be about the soon to be arrival of your new baby grandson. When our son became a first time father I sent him a poem, which I shall happily pass along to yours. It’s amazing to me to see the role many of today’s young fathers play in the lives of their children during these years of change and co-parenting, so different from the times when we reared our own little ones. Personally, there is a special sweetness observing a first time father tending so willingly, lovingly and adeptly to his child…in a role so long expected to be played entirely by the mother. It gives me hope for the compassion that will be passed on to the next generation of children when they receive their own gauntlet of parenthood.

First Time Father Poem

first time father

Only Yesterday

 By Jane-Ann Heitmueller

Only yesterday…
You suckled at my swollen breast,
As tears of joy spilled gently on your silken crown.

Only yesterday…
In your pursuit of strength and comfort your outstretched
Arms and hands reached eagerly toward mine.

Only yesterday…
Your innocence and joy were shared
With dancing, smiling eyes and pursing mouth.

Only yesterday…
Your childlike questions sought their answers
In my maternal knowledge and caring honesty.

Only yesterday ….
You were my gurgling, cherub babe,
Embraced within my tender, loving arms who

Only yesterday….
Evolved into a fine and unique man
With a child of your own…
With whom to begin your only yesterdays.

And though ‘twas only yesterday…
Today you understand!

With love to my son…
Who is now a parent himself.

Nov. 21, 2003