Father of the Bride has only a few responsibilities beyond paying for the wedding, or at least part of it these days, since many couples do help with the costly expenses associated with the bride’s dream wedding.

At the wedding ceremony, the bride’s father has one very important responsibility, and that is to walk his beautiful daughter down the aisle to give her away to the waiting groom.

Father of the Bride Speech and Toast

As the host of his daughter’s wedding reception, the father of the bride may choose to open the wedding reception after the introductions by

  • welcoming the groom’s family into his
  • welcoming the guests
  • commenting on how lovely the bride looks
  • commenting how nice the ceremony was

The father of the bride’s words to his daughter shouldn’t come across as a speech. It should be from the heart, giving

  • short anecdotes involving the bride and her father
  • some humorous and serious marriage advice tips

Next, the bride’s father should transition into introducing the DJ or band, photographer, and providing any other comments on the reception.

The father of the bride’s 10 minutes in front of his guests should end with a toast to the bride and groom giving wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness.

Father of the Bride Poem to His Daughter

If the father of the bride is not comfortable giving a speech in front of 100 plus friends and family at the wedding reception, suggest that he write or find a poem that expresses his heartfelt feelings. If he isn’t into searching for poems, ask the bestman or another person who knows both the father and bride well to help find several poems from which the bride’s father can choose. I think the best choice might be either the mother of the bride, sister, or another woman close to her.

The following poem is an example of a father of the bride poem to the bride which can be read by the father at the wedding reception. The father of the bride poem ends with a toast to the bride and groom.

My Loving daughter,
A miracle happened when you came into this world…
A new life was given to me by my baby girl.
As I held you in my protective arms…
You wooed me with your adoring charms.
Responsibility for your life gave me great pause…
It was at that moment I knew what true love was.
Over the years I watched you gracefully grow…
From baby dolls and on to each new beau,
All the while a father protecting you from fears…
And praising you with many adoring cheers.
But most of all, my daughter, we laughed and played…
and, sadly, I wish the years could have been delayed,
For today I had one last loving act to do…
Walking down the aisle beside the lovely you.
Giving my daughter away to her groom…
Surprisingly didn’t give me a sense of gloom,
For there is one thing I am sure of…
Your groom now knows real true love.
May the two of you enjoy that love together…
Just as I have with your mother.

~ Richard Johnson ~

To the Father and Mother of the Bride, don’t forget the tissues! Happy Wedding Day!

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