My granddaughters love to sing and dance, especially when our family gets together for holiday fun so this year, after dinner, they’ll be performing the Easter poems found below. Before dinner, Nana and Poppy will hide Easter eggs for a children’s Easter Egg hunt. (Outside for nice weather and inside for not so nice weather.) Then the girls will hide Easter eggs for the adults to find. (It gives the girls something fun to do while Easter dinner is being prepared and also gets everyone out of the kitchen!)

Easter Egg Hunt Fun Tips:

  • Use plastic Easter eggs to fill with coins, small pieces of candy, stickers,  toys, and play jewelry…nothing expensive – and one surprise egg for each child.
  • Number the eggs, dyed or plastic, so you’ll know when the Easter eggs have all been found – we can never remember where we’ve hidden each Easter Egg!
  • Write names on the eggs – if you have a trinket for each child, they’ll be sure to find theirs and also find an equal amount – a no tears Easter Egg hunt.
  • Use plastic eggs, just in case you miss some – especially in the house…no rotten Easter eggs to be found later on.

After Easter Dinner Fun

For after our Easter dinner, we’ve been practicing the following Easter poems with K and Em to perform for everyone.  After the girls perform their Easter Poems, they will teach the Easter poems to the group and get everyone up and moving…after they’ve filled their tummies with Easter goodies!

Bunny, Bunny

Bunny, white bunny
With ears so tall
(Place pointer fingers beside head)

And your two pink eyes
And your mouth so small.
(Make 0 with mouth)

Wiggle goes one ear.
(Wiggle one finger)
Wiggle goes the other.
(Wiggle other finger)

Hop, hop, hop, hop
Home to your mother!
(Hop away in four hops)

~ Author Unknown ~

Hop and Stop

The first little rabbit went hop, hop, hop.
I said to the first rabbit, “Stop, stop, stop!”

The second little rabbit went run, run, run.
I said to the second rabbit, “Fun, fun, fun!”

The third little rabbit went thump, thump, thump.
I said to the third rabbit, “Jump, jump, jump!”

The fourth little rabbit went sniff, sniff, snuff.
I said to the fourth rabbit, “That is enough!”

The fifth little rabbit went creep, creep, creep.
I said to the fifth rabbit, “It’s time to sleep!”

~ Author Unknown ~

The Bunny Wiggle

Bunny rabbits wiggle,
So much they make me giggle. (giggle)
They wiggle their ears, (wiggle)
They wiggle their nose, (wiggle)
The tail on their rear,
Wiggles too, I suppose. (wiggle)
And just when I say, “Stop wiggling, stop!”
They wiggle all over, and take a big hop! (wiggle and hop)

~ Author Unknown ~


You put your bunny ears in,
You put your bunny ears out,
You put your bunny ears in,
And you shake them all about,
You do the Bunny- Pokey,
And you hop yourself around,
That’s what it’s all about!

Additional verses: bunny nose, bunny tail, bunny paws.

~ Author Unknown ~

Five Little Easter Eggs

Five little Easter eggs, lovely colors wore;
(hold up five fingers)
Mother ate the blue one, then there were four.
(bend down one finger)

Four little Easter eggs, two and two, you see;
Daddy ate the red one, then there were three.
(bend down next finger)

Three little Easter eggs, before I knew,
Sister ate the yellow one, then there were two.
(bend down next finger)

Two little Easter eggs; oh, what fun,
Brother ate the purple one, then there was one.
(bend down next finger)

One little Easter egg; see me run!
I ate the very last one, and then there were none.
(bend down last finger)

~ Author Unknown ~

Happy Easter Day!