Easter is almost here! It is hard to believe…we just had snow on the ground two weeks ago and yesterday was in the 70’s! I hope it lasts through Easter and our Spring Break! Even though Easter is early this year, there is still plenty of time to enjoy Easter Crafts and Activities. When Easter comes around this April 4, turn your eggs into animals and hunt for puzzle pieces in your backyard! Disney FamilyFun magazine, again, has offered NanasCorner family these free, fun ideas and more for making your Easter one to remember.


  • Sheep Egg: Courtesy of hard-boiled eggs, vibrant egg dye, a cute pipe cleaner stand, and some glued-on details (paper ears, pom-pom nose, and so on), this critter is an Easter favorite.
  • Sock Hop: Make your own bunny beanbag and get some use from the single socks left behind.
  • Pop-up Eggs: Make your Easter extra festive with this 3-D paper egg. The secret to its look is colorful, accordion-folded paper strips.
  • Count the Days Till Easter: Save the eggs for dyeing, then use the carton to build anticipation for the bunny’s visit with this surprise recycled “calendar”.
  • Egg Pedestal: Display your finest blown egg on this easy-to-make stand.


  • The Great Egg Drop: Kids construct protective coverings around raw eggs before dropping onto a target below. The goal is to hit the bull’s eye without breaking the eggs – making a little bit of a mess and a lot of fun memories!
  • Less Sugary Easter Egg Hunts: Fill plastic eggs with puzzle pieces to make Easter egg hunts more fun and less sugary.
  • A Kid-Friendlier Way to Dye Eggs: Put the eggs in wire whisks, and dip away!

These Disney FamilyFun crafts and games are perfect for welcoming the Easter Bunny to your house. Here are a few more egg carton crafts on video from FamilyFun Magazine:

Happy Easter Eggs!