Dr. Seuss Birthday Party!

Where will you celebrate your Dr. Seuss Birthday Party?

  • ask your teacher to have a Dr. Seuss birthday party with your classmates
  • invite friends over for a Dr. Seuss themed party
  • find a library that is celebrating a Dr. Seuss birthday party
  • maybe you can find a museum that has Dr. Seuss birthday activities
  • if the weather is warm, have it at a park

How will you decorate your Dr. Seuss Birthday Party?

What treats will you enjoy?

What crafts will you make?

What games and activities will you do?

Which Dr. Seuss Read-Alongs will you enjoy?

Dr. Seuss was part of my childhood, my children’s, and now my grandchildren’s reading fun. Enjoy Dr. Seuss, not only on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, but all year through!