A great way for parents, grandparents and grandchildren together to celebrate the 4th of July is to decorate bikes for a DIY 4th of July bike parade.

How to Have a DIY 4th of July Bike Parade

Fourth of July decorations can be created with very little expense. Visit your local dollar stores, such as Dollar Tree or Five Below, for streamers, balloons, garland, flags, and other red, white, and blue patriotic decorations to use in decorating your bikes. (TIP: After the 4th of July, ask parents to shop the holiday clearance aisles to pick up bargain priced 4th of July decorations for next year’s bike parade.)

And, of course, be sure to wear as much red, white, and blue patriotic themed clothing. Fourth of July face painting is fun, too. Don’t forget your pets. Wagons, strollers, and scooters can be used, especially for the pets and younger children. Welcome wheelchairs into your DIY 4th of July bike parade so no one is left out.

Organize a Neighborhood DIY 4th of July Bike Parade

If your town does not have a 4th of July bike parade, a neighborhood DIY 4th of July bike parade can easily be organized.

If you’ll be attending a block party, picnic, or local parade, gather donations of money or 4th of July craft supplies from the other families, buy decorations in quantity and have the children all decorate their bikes and wagons at the same time prior to your parade.

Choose a neutral “judge” to award donated prizes…and give everyone who participated  an “Honorable Mention” certificate or prize.

When choosing your parade route, remember to make it kid friendly in length and ease of mobility. Chart the route with red, white, and blue helium balloons along the way. Check with your local police department if any permissions are needed.

At the end of the parade, award prizes (dollar store or donated), and have special 4th of July refreshments waiting for the participants and their families.

4th of July Bike Parade Resources:

Neighborhood 4th of July Bike Parades

If it is too late for you to organize a neighborhood DIY 4th of July bike parade, you may still have time to enjoy watching one.

Besides enjoying the parade and the festivities, you’ll find a lot of good, creative ideas for your next year’s 4th of July bike parade.

Anytime Suggestion: On a day when the neighborhood kids are bored, get them together, give them some supplies and decorations, then watch them get creative decorating their bikes for their own parade…no matter what day of the year or holiday it is. Reward them for their creative efforts with refreshments at the end of their parade.

Here is a listing of some neighborhood decorated 4th of July bike parades:

I’m sure there are many more community 4th of July Decorated Bike Parades throughout our great country. The parades listed here were found on the first 8 Google pages. If you can’t find one near you, Google “4th of July Bike Parades” + “Your State”. Example: 4th of july bike parades + nj Happy 4th of July to everyone!

As my son-in-law would say, “May the Fourth be with you!”