One of the perks of blogging is getting a chance to review some really cool products. Just for the record, I don’t review anything that I personally don’t care for. Some offers for reviews I turn down because I don’t approve of them or I believe they aren’t relevant to Nana’s Corner. And, in all practicality, I don’t have the time to review every pitch that comes through my email. Having said all of that…

I have some really cool products that I think you’ll enjoy, mostly for your grandkids or kids to take back to school or as top holiday gift ideas. They certainly are unique gifts that just about everyone would enjoy! I think these would make wonderful birthday gifts, too.

  1. Rubik’s Slide – Be one of the first to enjoy an electronic version of the Rubiks Cube. It’s new this month and is sure to be a top seller for Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. I could never do the Rubik’s Cube although my friend’s son could do it without hesitation. The Rubik’s Slide I can do. There are different levels to challenge yourself, the lowest being untimed. I recommend you practice at the easy, untimed level to learn some of the moves. How do you play Rubik’s slide? After turning it on, you push a button and it shows you the lit pattern of squares in the 9 square grid…anywhere from one to five out of nine possible squares. You are to either push or turn the top until the desired pattern is lit up. You can check the pattern you are seeking by pushing the check button as many times as you need. The sound lets you know when you’ve found the correct pattern. I tried the easy, timed level and was able to accomplish that. Unfortunately, I never tried the higher levels…While sitting on the beach, a large wave came on shore and drenched my beach bag. A word to the wise…place your Rubik’s Slide in a sealed waterproof bag when near water. I was so disappointed that I wasn’t able to play it on my vacation. The sound still worked but the lights were out. I will be buying one for myself soon! I may share it with the grandkids…
  2. Bedol Water Powered Alarm Clock – This is adorable and is available in many colors. I chose the pink one for my granddaughters’ room…but kept it for myself. What makes the Bedol Water Powered Alarm Clock unusual is that it is powered by water! Just fill with water and it’s ready to be used. The design is unique, also. It’s in the unique shape of a water drop. It’s been keeping accurate time on top of our TV in the den for six weeks now without needing a refill! No electricity is needed so it can be taken anywhere.
  3. Bamblastic Lip Balms with Cool Holders – These are great – non-toxic natural lip balms in flavors and colors for girls and boys. The Blamtastic Lip Balms also have their own little holders attached to a clip to aid in preventing loss…attach to backpack, purse, gym bag, belt loop…wherever you can attach a clip. Have several clipped to several places so they’re readily available throughout the day.
  4. Pentel Pens, Pencils, Highlighters and More – Pentel has a long recorded reputation for top quality in pens, pencils, and highlighters. Pentel makes them to last. Their new line is ergonomically designed for hands of many sizes to help prevent fatigue. My favorites are the retractable highlighters with refills – no more drying out, the Jolt retractable pencil – just “jolt” it and the leads comes down, and the HyperG fine line refillable gel pen is part of the new Recycology line that is made from recycled materials. As a special ed teacher, I write a lot of class notes for my students. This Pentel gel roller pen just rolls smoothly across the paper – allows my old hands to keep up! I don’t have to throw it away – it’s refillable! Every teacher’s friend is a dry erase pen for the classroom white board. Pentel’s is retractable – no top to lose – and lasts longer because it is!
  5. Tie Buddies – When it comes to learning to tie shoes, it can be very frustrating for small hands. Not only are motor skills involved, but sequencing, direction, and following directions skills need to be mastered, also. Keeping track of which loop goes where is made easier with Tie Buddies – one is a fairy and the other is her wand. Following the movement of them helps in following the sequence of steps.
  6. Lunchbox Love Notes for Kids – Stay connected with    your child during the day by leaving a surprise note in your child’s lunchbox. Lunchbox Love Notes not only has a different positive note on each one, but also comes with a fun trivia fact on the other side. It’s a great conversation starter which helps develop social skills, too.
  7. Balanced Day Lunch Kit – Leave one of the parent to child love notes in an unique, fun lunch box. This lunchbox is unique in that it has two numbered compartments – one on each side, large enough for snacks for break number 1 (snack time) and break number 2 (lunch time)…or number 1 for snacks and number 2 for meals…or vice versa…however you want your child to remember. The Balanced Day Lunchbox Kit comes with waterproof containers which are easy for small hands to open and close, a PBA free beverage bottle, a cool shaped ice pack (mine is a pink heart) that can also double for making injuries feel better. Identification tags are also included – mine is a pink heart – with enough space to write the child’s name. This brightly colored lunch bag comes in many cool designs – it will be difficult to lose because of its colors and because the child will love and take care of it. Mine was so cool in a bright Peace Sign design that my granddaughter just had to have it for her 4th grade year!

You can find more information on the cool back to school and holiday gifts at the links above! I know you’ll like them, too because this fussy Nana did.