Columbus Sailed

Author Unknown

Columbus sailed from far off Spain
A long, long time ago.
He had three ships that only moved
When winds would pull and blow.
We’re mighty glad he was so brave
And every year we tell
Of how he found America
The land we love so well

Christopher Columbus

Meish Goldish

Christopher Columbus was one of a kind.
A way to the Indies he wanted to find.
People said, “Chris, you’ll never succeed.”
But he had a plan, he had a need.

Sailing from Spain was Chris’ idea,
On the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.
People said, “Chris, you’ll fall off the earth.”
But he followed his dream for all it was worth.

The year was 1492
When Columbus set off with an eager crew.
People said, “Chris, you’ll never reach land.”
But on he sailed, just as planned.

Two months later, an island was found.
There were Native Americans all around.
Chris and his crew began to explore
What the Indians discovered long before.

Chris didn’t know the trip he led
Was not to the Indies, but America instead!
Even so, he gained such fame
That now the whole world knows his name!

Christopher Columbus

Meish Goldish

Columbus sailed over the ocean,
Columbus sailed over the sea,
Columbus sailed over the ocean,
An eager explorer was he!

In Spain, many people were laughing.
They said, “He’ll fall flat off the earth!”
Columbus said, “I’ll find the Indies!”
And sailed on for all he was worth!

Columbus soon came to an island,
With Native Americans there.
Columbus had sailed to the New World,
And so he explored everywhere!

Columbus did not find the Indies,
But land others found long before.
But still we remember Columbus,
Who followed his dream to explore!

A New World

Alice Crowell Hoffman

Columbus found a new world
Because he dared to do
A thing that was unheard of-
A thing that was quite new.
Columbus found a new world
Because he made a start,
Instead of merely pond’ring o’er
The thoughts within his heart.
Columbus found a new world
Because he saw things through
And you can find your new world
Precisely that way, too.

Christopher Columbus

Gertrude M. Robinson

Columbus was a wise man
Who thought the earth was round;
He planned to sail across the sea
Where trading could be found.

Though kings did not believe him,
And men thought he would fail,
He found one friend, the Spanish queen,
Who gave him ships to sail.

The crew rebelled, the sea was rough
In 1492;
Still this brave man kept sailing on
In spite of sea or crew.

But when they spied America,
They landed with a cheer –
And that is why we celebrate
Columbus Day each year.

 Like Columbus

Eleanor Dennis

Columbus said, “The earth is round.
Across the sea I’ll go.
Although some say the earth is flat,
I’ll prove it is not so.”

Columbus crossed the ocean.
When his sailors cried, “Turn back!”
He would not listen to their pleas,
But kept the onward track.

Then when Columbus sighted land,
Their cries and fears were gone.
I hope that I shall be as brave
As he was, and ‘sail on!”