The two Christmas poems, Christmas is a Comin’ and ‘Tis the Season by author and poet, Jane-Ann Heitmueller, capture the Christmas season and all it encompasses while not forgetting the true meaning of the holiday.

Christmas Poems #1

Christmas is a Comin’

By Jane-Ann Heitmueller

christmas poemsHustle, bustle, rushing feet, as presents we go buyin’.
Suddenly December’s here and time …it is a flyin’.

Cinnamon and peppermint, delightful scents for smellin’.
Hidden gifts, surprises, whispers, secrets not for tellin’.

Dripping candles, wreaths of holly, gingerbread for tastin’.
Mincemeat pie, ambrosia, rolls, plump turkeys brown from bastin’.

Chicken, chops and lollipops, it’s time for Christmas cookin’.
Tape and paper, ribbons, stars, it’s time for Santa lookin’.

Cut the tree, hang mistletoe, prepare the bells for ringin’.
Saturated with the scents, the sounds, the thrills, the singin’.

Wonder, joy, anticipation, childish eyes are glistenin’,
As excitement reigns supreme, for Saint Nick they’re a listenin’.

Cider, wassail, cookies, tarts we’re eating and we’re sippin’.
Meeting strangers as  we pass and greet with hats a tippin’.

Glowing embers, roaring logs, mid sparkle, warmth and  hissin’.
Welcoming our friends and loved ones with both hugs and kissin’.

Jolly snowmen, rosy cheeks, icicles drip, drip, drippin’.
Frozen paths that lead our way, as we go slip, slip, slippin’.

Grateful, thoughtful, sudden stillness halts this hectic livin’.

Paramount, we must recall…
Is Jesus, whom God’s given.

Christmas Poems #2

‘Tis the Season

By Jane-Ann Heitmueller

christmas poemsThe cold , pelting rain makes the windowpanes sing,
As outside a damp sogginess covers each thing.

But a mere separation of glass, tin and wood,
Allows inside to be filled with warmth that is good.

There’s a glowing, red fire with sparkle so bright,
While the lamps on the tables shed cozy, calm light.

Strains of music and baking and presents abound,
Plus the laughter, as children and pets scamper ‘round.

Our mind drifts to the Christ child who came long ago,
Sent by God, as His present, for all men to know.

‘Tis the season approaching when hearts fill with glee.
There’s a smile and a twinkle for each one we see.

Oh, if only this holiday spirit could stay
In the hearts of all mankind on each other day!

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