Christmas Party Games – make them a family tradition along with singing humorous Christmas songs and telling humorous Christmas riddles and jokes during your Christmas holiday celebration.

Christmas Traditions – Cookies, Christmas Movies, Christmas Lights

Christmas is the time of year to gather with your loved ones celebrating your family’s Christmas traditions. Our family, like so many others, congregate anticipating laughter, good food, gift exchange, Christmas songs, and good holiday entertainment.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. One of our Christmas traditions is holding our family Christmas Day party at our house each year. The Christmas decorations placed around our home, both inside and out, hold memories of both long ago and the present. Fun Christmas Party Games help keep the children pass the time before dinner and gift sharing time.

Christmas is such a wonderful day, spending time with family sharing wonderful traditional Christmas recipes and exchanging Christmas gifts with classic movies such as White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Wonderful Life, Christmas Story or animated ones staring Mickey Mouse, the Chipmunks, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas playing on the TV throughout the day…later touring the neighborhood Christmas lights displays hoping the little ones will stay awake long enough to enjoy the experience.

Christmas Party Games, a Christmas Tradition

While I’m in the kitchen with my daughters helping with last minute preparations for our Christmas dinner, the rest of the family enjoys playing Christmas party games. During game time, we put on some Christmas music, Christmas movies, whip up some eggnog, eat some homemade treats, and throw on some Santa hats…then we play Christmas party games like Charades, Christmas Trivia, and Christmas Bingo. Now my two oldest granddaughters are pre-teen and teen ages. Don’t forget to include games for the older children, such as these Christmas Games for Teens.

Here are 10 Christmas Party Games to play for children and adults to enjoy together:

Christmas Party Games Tips

When playing the Christmas games, we pair younger family members with older family members giving them a chance to interact and bring them closer together.

I hate to miss the games, so I run in and out taking a turn whenever I can. If I’ve got my hands in something that needs tending to, one of the grandkids takes a turn for me.

It can get quite silly at times which adds to the wonderful memories of the day.