Original Christmas Alliteration Poem by Nana

Santa’s Sleigh is a Christmas alliteration poem to be read on Christmas night before you tuck in your children or grandchildren. Santa’s Sleigh, one of my Christmas alliteration poems, may help settle them down because it reminds the children that Santa won’t stop and land his sleigh if he hears the slightest sound! Another fun, Christmas poem that your children will enjoy your reading to them is, The Christmas Elf Meets The Christmas Mouse.

Christmas Alliteration Poem, Santa’s Sleigh

As silver stars shine in the South
and snowflakes fastly fall in the North,
covering the last of the fallen leaves,
little girls giggle and big boys bounce
while wondrously waiting around the world
for the first sighting of Santa’s sleigh…
silently sliding across their night’s sky.

With Christmas calendars finally counted,
cookies and carrots carefully placed,
and empty stockings securely hung,
it’s time for me (us) to tightly tuck you in.
As an old true tale was once told to me(us),
Santa won’t stop if he hears the slightest single sound!
So skedaddle silly sleepers, get between the sheets!
As NORAD just reported, Santa’s sleigh will soon be here!

© 2011 Barbara R Johnson
~ NanasCorner.com ~

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Thank you for taking the time to read my original Christmas Alliteration Poem, Santa’s Sleigh. Don’t forget to track Santa on NORAD and visit PNP (Portable North Pole) on the web or use PNP App for special Santa fun! May you enjoy this Christmas season with your family and friends. Please give a gift to a child in need, if you can.