Christmas alliteration poem examples in acrostic poem form. Learn how to write acrostic poems from Ken Nesbitt’s

Alliteration is the repetition of the same beginning sounds. The following Christmas alliteration poem examples are also acrostic poems which use each letter in the word CHRISTMAS and STAR as the first letter of the first word in the lines.

Even though the words in each line of the Christmas alliteration examples in the acrostic poem, Christmas, begin with the same letter, some do not have the same alliterative sound as the others in that line. But notice, each line relates to Christmas. This alliteration poem in acrostic form could be someone’s memories of childhood Christmases past.

Christmas Alliteration Poem Examples in Acrostic Form

In my first original Christmas alliteration example acrostic poem, Christmas, can you find which sounds belong together and those that don’t? Can you replace them with different words that do have matching alliterative sounds?  What other Christmas acrostic poems can you write using alliteration?


Candy canes, carolers and cards
Holiday happiness, holly, and home
Reindeer running, ribbon, and red
Icicles icing, invites, and ivy
Stocking stuffers, stories, and skates
Tiny treasures, turkey, and toys
Making memories, mittens and more
Angels’ anticipation, advent, and awe
Sparkling snow, sledding, and Santa

Read my second of the Christmas alliteration poems in acrostic poem. What interpretation of the poem, Star, do you have? Why did I choose those words? What words would you use? Does an alliterative poem need to have every word in each line use alliteration?


Shining above
Treetops and temples
Awaiting arrival…

Original Christmas Alliteration Poems on Nana’s Corner

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Christmas Alliteration Poems in Acrostic Form Challenge

Can you come up with your own Happy Holidays acrostic poem? Challenge – use alliteration as often as possible.

Can you write an acrostic poem for Happy New Year! – with the same challenge, or not…either is okay.

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