Chocolate poems for milk chocolate lovers! July 28 is your day to Celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day with all things milk chocolate and chocolate poems, too! I don’t know the origin, nor I don’t think there is a proclamation to be found that officially makes it “national,” but we chocolate lovers don’t need to know…we’ll just accept it as is. Any excuse to “chocolate” is good enough…especially milk chocolate!

Celebrate National Milk Chocolate Day with some fun chocolate poems, chocolate activities, and most importantly chocolate treats. This is the first in a series of chocolate themed posts giving you a yummy sampling of chocolate poems and fun.

Chocolate Poems Spins on Classic Poems, by Peter Mansbach

The Raven
original by Edgar Allan Poe

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a dense and turgid manual of computer lore–
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly I heard a tapping,
‘Twas the Raven, fast devouring chocolate goodies from my store,
Eating brownies, cookies, truffles, chocolate cream pies, cakes galore–
“Take thy beak from out my chocolate, take thee hence and eat no more.”
Quoth the Raven, “CHOCOLATE. MORE.”

Stopping by Foods on a Chocolate Evening
original by Robert Frost

Whose cakes these are I think I know
His egg-nog’s in the kitchen, though:
He will not see me stopping here
To scarf these brownies as I go.

The cakes are lovely, dark and sweet.
But I have cookies yet to eat,
And piles of chocolate foods to try,
And piles of chocolate foods to try.

Original Poems About Chocolate

Chocolate Poems #1

Alliteration Poem About Chocolate
by Nana @

Milk Chocolate Chocolate Moons
tantalize tiny tastebuds
with weakening willpower as
miniature morsels meticulously molded
into delicious delights
melt in my mouth.

Chocolate Poems #2

Milk Chocolate
by John F. McCullagh @

Milk chocolate, I can’t resist-
in miniatures or in a kiss.
Three musketeers are worth the fee-
all for one and one for me.

In a pudding or a bar
I enjoy you in my home or car.
In drink, you warm my winter day
once my shovels been put away.

We all owe Milton Hershey thanks
For inventing chocolate bars.
Kudos goes for M &M’s
to his competitors from MARS.

Intoxicating like fine wine,
Your antioxidants are all mine.
I sneak away with you, my treasure,
an old fat man’s one guilty pleasure.

Chocolate Poems #3

Death by Chocolate
by Natalie @

Sandy was a chocoholic,
The worst I’ve ever seen!
If she didn’t eat some daily,
She’d become crazy mean!

It didn’t matter what kind it was,
Ice cream, cake, pie or candy,
As long as it was chocolate,
Sandy was fine and dandy!

Then one day the unthinkable happened,
To the chocolate loving miss,
While eating her favorite candy,
She choked on a chocolate kiss!

“Death by chocolate,” the coroner concluded,
As to the cause of Sandy’s death.
At least she died doing what she loved,
Eating chocolate ’til her last breath.

Chocolate Poems - Gifts

I apologize for the poor timing of my National Milk Chocolate Day post. But, as we know – chocolate lovers don’t need a special day to celebrate chocolate! Any day will do. In fact, the antioxidants in chocolate are very beneficial, so rationalize away and enjoy the day! In addition to Chocolate Poems, enjoy healthy chocolate dessert recipes: Nana’s Corner8 Best Healthy Chocolate Dessert Recipes (#2 in National Milk Chocolate Day series)!