Children’s Spring Poems are spring poems for the month of March. March can be a temperamental lady. Her moods can blow one way or the other. One day she is warm, the next cold. She may shed her tears down on Earth, saddened by the end of her friend, Winter. But then, she realizes better days are ahead and moves her clouds to let Sunshine come to visit, warming Earth for April’s blooms to paint her canvas.

The following Children’s Spring Poems for March help to paint this picture…

Children’s Spring Poems for March


The March wind blows winter away
And sweeps the streets from day to day
March brings surprises, first the day’s hot
Then it starts snowing, likely as not
Hurry, March wind, hurry along
We like to hear you sing your song.
~ Author Unknown ~


Now when it’s March
It’s really spring
There’s a bright new look
On everything.
~ Author Unknown ~


When the rain is splashing down
On the fields and in the town
Singing winds begin to blow
And the flowers start to grow
How glad I am when I have seen
Those tender leaves of gentle green
They warm my heart and make it sing
For now I know at last it’s spring
Spring makes the world a happy place
You see a smile on every face
Flowers come out and birds arrive
Oh, isn’t it grand to be alive.
~ Author Unknown ~

March Lamb or Lion

When March comes in gently, with soft skies of blue
And warm happy breezes and crocus buds too
March begins like a lamb, sweet gentle and kind
But you’d better beware for you’ll surely find
That the end of the month will be stormy and cold
Like a lion it’ll roar, rough, growly and bold
If March begins windy, and stormy and gray,
If it’s too cold outside, to happily play
The lion’s here first, and he’s not so nice
You should be indoors take my advice
But wonderful weather is coming they say
By the end of the month the lamb’s here to stay.
~ Author Unknown ~

March Winds and April Showers

March winds and April showers
Popping up are pretty flowers
A kite flying in the sun
Aren’t you glad that spring’s begun!
~ Author Unknown ~

March Winds Blow

March winds blow with happy news
Spring is coming
March winds blow with happy news
Spring is coming
Hear them whisper, hear them sing
See the trees play
Hear them whisper, hear them sing
See the trees play.
~ Author Unknown ~

I hope you and your children enjoy these children’s spring poems. For more visit, Spring Poems.

And, if you are Disney World fans like we are, you might be traveling to Orlando in March for Spring Break. For an idea what the weather is likely to be, read this article by USA Today.