What do you remember wearing when you were a child? I remember wearing smocked school dresses, party dresses to birthday parties, dressing up for church, saddle shoes, wool skirts with matching cardigans, ugly jeans with flannel lining my Nana insisted I wear, Easter suits in Jackie O style, and madras everything! I put this question on my Facebook page and received many responses from my friends and my grown children’s friends. Here are some of the responses from my friends:

  • jumpers over turtlenecks and tights
  • fuzzy bunny slippers, rollers, hair nets
  • hats, gloves, and purses that matched
  • wrap around skirts
  • petty pants and stockings with seams
  • half and whole slips
  • small floral print skirts and dresses
  • a-line skirts
  • short-sleeved tops over long-sleeved tops
  • poodle skirts
  • skirts and dresses to school – never pants
  • wearing pants under skirts on gym day
  • uniform with Teddy blouse
  • baggy shorts
  • crinolines
  • Bermuda shorts
  • skirts no higher than the middle of the knee

From my children’s friends, I received these responses:

  • pjs with feet
  • handmade dresses
  • my sister’s hand-me-downs
  • wonder woman wonder roos
  • Big Dog T shirts
  • Dickies and Izods
  • Keds and Tretorns
  • Gap clothing, designer labels
  • desert boots
  • short shorts
  • mini skirts

Children’s clothing has come a long way from the time when my parents were young through today’s clothing styles for my grandchildren.  Just look at the photos:

my motherCopy of DadGrandpaGrandmamy aunt
Nana, age 7Nana, age 9Nana's 10th birthday
EmilyEmily and KaitlinEmily

There is an interesting Children’s Clothing Timeline which I found on the Tea Collection Blog Page documenting these changes in children’s clothing as shown in my family photos above. An interesting fact that I realized by looking at the Children’s Clothing Timeline and the above lists is that the first list doesn’t mention designer brands, but the second list does.  Because of “must have” labels, peer pressure grew to a level I’m glad my generation didn’t have to suffer through.

The styles have gone from ultra conservative in style and color (or lack of) to anything goes…from no skin…to too much skin…from looking like children…to looking like mini adults…from innocence to sex appeal.

Today, tweens dress as if they were 18 instead of 12…and 18 year olds dress like 28 year olds…and as we age…we do everything to look younger.  We can’t wait to grow up and then when we do, we try to turn back the clock.

What do you remember wearing when you were a child?