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Magical Unicorn Horn Headband | Unicorn Princess

A magical unicorn horn headband for my Unicorn Princess by Brooklyn Owl thrilled my 11-yr-old granddaughter on Christmas Day. Ratings out of 5: Quality 5, Design 5, Fun 5, Made in USA 5 My granddaughter is a magical Unicorn Princess, unicorn horn headband and all. Emily believes in Unicorns, in [...]

7 year old Christmas Wish List – part 2

And Nana thought Kaitlin's wish list was done! I asked what she really wanted for Christmas. She said, "I want it alllll." I think she got that from a commercial...thanks alot to whatever ad that was. Well, we're going to ask Kaitlin to tell us what her top 5 choices [...]

3 Year Old Christmas Wish List

Do you need a gift for a 3 year old girl or boy? There are so many toys to choose from, but some turn out to be disappointing to 3 year olds. It can be a challenge to find the right gift for a 3 year old that will keep [...]

7 Year Old Christmas Wish List

Our 7 year old granddaughter has posted her Christmas wish list online. Online wish lists are great for grandparents, far or near. It makes Christmas shopping for grandchildren so much easier. I won't have to drive around, fight the crowds, and end up not finding what I'm looking for! No gas or time wasted. I'll [...]