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Life is a Journey

Inspirational or Funeral Poem When I first read Life is a Journey, I approached it as a funeral poem about the cycle of life. Now, I believe the poem can also be shared as an inspirational poem emphasizing the lines, We see that victory lies not at some high point [...]

I Am the Strength | Mother’s Strength Poem

Mother's's not necessarily what comes our way, that which affects our's how we handle it. Our strength is what defines us - the mothers. As mothers, we must hide negative emotions from our children. We ignore the loneliness, the sadness, the stress, the depression, the anger that [...]

Inspirational Graduation Poem | Being True to Yourself

An inspirational graduation poem, Being True to Yourself, for teens and young adults is a poem that should be shared. Teen years can be difficult ones for most everyone going through that stage of life. Often an inspirational poem can set young people on to the right path of being [...]

The Role of Flowers in the Cycle of Life

The role of flowers in the cycle of life. Flowers are the perfect sentiment for every occasion that we experience in the Circle of Life, from the birth of a child to the passing of a grandparent. If there is an occasion, my husband (Poppy) is there with flowers. [...]

College Graduation Poem | Nothing to Fear

The high school or College graduation poem, Nothing to Fear, is a short, popular inspirational poem written for a son or grandson. It has been shared as an inspirational high school or college graduation poem favorite for many years. The original poem of Nothing to Fear was written to a [...]