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Grandmother From Granddaughter Poem

Thank You, Grandma - a grandmother from granddaughter poem. Sometimes we think we always have tomorrow to say thank you or I love you to our grandparents, parents, children, friends.... But, eventually, we may run out of tomorrows. I always thought there would be tomorrow. I put off what I wanted [...]

Grandchild, Nana Would Love You Just the Same

Nana to Grandchild Poem A very short Nana to grandchild poem telling her grandchild no matter what, Nana would love just the same. Grandmothers give unconditional love. Children who have close, supportive grandmothers and grandfathers tend to be more successful in working through life's challenges. In today's society, both parents [...]

Grandmother’s Prayer

Here is a prayer for all grandmothers' children and grandchildren, big or small, wherever they may be: O' Lord watch over my children help them to grow each day in grace guide their steps in every direction so they will master whatever they face Lord feed them when they hunger  and [...]

Old Grandma Shoes Poem

This poem is for every baby-boomer grandma - it just shows how, if you wait long enough, fashion repeats itself. Except, in some cases we get lucky enough to miss it the second time around! Old Grandma Shoes I can still picture my Nana's shoes as if it were yesterday when [...]

Grandmother’s Rocking Chair Poem

Even today, with all of the independent, cool, techno savy, cell phone texting, SUV driving, hard-working Grandmothers...somethings never change, thank goodness. We grandmothers are still rocking our grandchildren to sleep, or sitting with them on our lap while we read them a story... It's those special one-on-one rocking moments that [...]

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