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Classic Poems for Grandkids | Poem for a Child Who Won’t Sit Still

Do you have a grandchild that just won't sit still? Do you hear yourself repeating the past, "If you don't sit still in that chair, it will fall over and you might get hurt!"...and then it does and he does. Through the sobbing "I told you so" slips off your [...]

Classic Poems for Grandkids | Preschool Poem for Learning Colors

Introduce colors and poetry together to preschoolers and they will both remain a lasting memory for children. Children learn through sight and touch and when combined with listening, colors and poetry can be enjoyed even more than if taught separately. Color by Christina Rossetti is a short poem that brings [...]

Classic Poems for Grandkids | 3 Children’s Poems about Robin Redbreast

Two wonderful poems to read with grandchildren are the classic poem by William Allinghamn, Robin Redbreast and the Mother Goose nursery rhyme that follows, The Robin. After reading these classic poems, ask your grandchildren, "How will Robin Redbreast survive when winter arrives?" I'm sure they will have some creative solutions! Then seize the opportunity [...]

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Classic Poems for Grandkids | Fun Poems About Misbehaving

Occasionally, our grandchildren might misbehave just like all normal young children. Talking about misbehaving can be stressful to a child. I've found that fun poems are a great venue to use for beginning relaxed conversations with young children. A child is more likely to express himself in a conversation with a [...]

Poems About Grandchildren by Jane-Ann Heitmueller

Since I started blogging on NanasCorner two years ago, I've been very fortunate to meet amazing grandparents.  This past week I received an email from Jane-Ann Heitmueller which I want to share with you: As a grandmother to two I really enjoy your site. I particularly enjoy your grandparent and child [...]