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Back to school tips for divorced parents... Back to school tips for divorced parents should also include grandparents when grandparents are involved in care-giving for the children. Studies have proven that children need the support of grandparents when family as they have known it has been altered. Grandparents as [...]

What Are January’s 13 Best Item Sales? [Expert Shares]

What are January's 13 best item sales, you ask? The holiday shopping season may be over, but there are still incredible savings to be had now! There are going to be January sales everywhere you look and makes finding January's best item sales easy.'s savings and consumer trends expert Jeanette [...]

Allow Me To Vent and Share Some Light [Bicycle Safety Lights]

Bicycle safety lights, or the lack of, is a major concern when the nights are warm and teenagers are out and about on their the dark. Common sense should tell parents, grandparents, and all adults that the first bicycle accessory should be a pair of bicycle safety lights. [...]

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