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3 Thanksgiving Alliteration Poems for Kids

Thanksgiving alliteration poems for kids. Thanksgiving is this month, so since I wrote a Halloween alliteration poem last year, I thought it only right that I add Thanksgiving alliteration poems for kids this year. If you and/or your class write an alliterative Thanksgiving poem(s), I will publish the Thanksgiving poems [...]

Alliteration | Effect on Imagery and Mood

Alliteration adds to auditory imagery in poems and passages by enhancing an expression of mood the poet wishes to express. In analyzing quotations, a skill needed for the high school standardized tests, it is important to understand voice.  Find Examples of Alliteration, Imagery, Voice Read the following well known lines [...]

Alliteration Example | Spring and Fall by Hopkins

Alliteration example in the poem, Spring and Fall, adds emphasis to the message to Margaret. Alliteration is often used with the purpose of bringing attention to important points in the poem by slowing the rhythm. Alliteration Example, Spring and Fall The following poem, Spring and Fall by Gerard Manly Hopkins, [...]

Grandparents Are Grand Alliteration Poem

Grandparents Are Grand Alliteration Poem uses alliteration to celebrate Grandparents Day in September. In honor of the Grandparents Day, has published a list of the top 12 Grandparent Blogs and top 12 Grandparent Websites on the Internet. I am very pleased to announce that was chosen as one of [...]

Summer Alliteration Poem: Sizzling Summer Poem

Summer is a season that provides many opportunities for writing original poems using alliteration. Writing a Summer Alliteration Poem After spending a sunny summer week at the shore, spending time walking on the sizzling sand and watching my family maneuver the waves, the following summer alliteration poem came to my mind's eye. [...]