Alliteration Examples Contest with Kidz Bop 19 CD Prize

It's Spring has sprung, finally! Spring means green grass, flowering flora, sun shine, and warm weather...well, warm will eventually come along. Opening day for baseball is this week! The New York Yankees is our family's favorite team...with second choice being the Philadelphia Phillies. The topic of baseball provides a great opportunity for creating examples of [...]

Alliteration Examples: Spring Alliteration Poem

Sunny Spring Sun shining Green grass growing Flowers fragrantly flowing Robins returning Chickadees chirping Bouncing backyard balls Swings sky sailing Drops dripping down Warm winds winding Kids' kites colliding Children chasing children Playgrounds, parks populated Sunny spring shining  ~ by Nana @ ~ © 2011 Barbara R Johnson

Valentine Alliteration Example | Valentines, a Poem Lesson

Happy Valentine's Day from Nana to all of my "alliteration examples" fans. The poem, Valentines, is a valentine alliteration example using valentines as a theme together with a lesson plan. Valentine Alliteration Example Poem Lesson Plan read - Valentines, the valentine alliteration example poem look up - make a [...]

Love Poem Alliteration Example | She Walks in Beauty

You found this love poem alliteration example, She Walks in Beauty, by either searching for alliteration example or a love poem...or a love poem using alliteration. Love Poem Alliteration Example She Walks in Beauty is a classic love poem written by Lord Byron. Can you find an alliteration example? How [...]

Example of Alliteration | A Valentine Love Poem

A Valentine Love Poem A valentine love poem on Valentine's Day is something every girl or woman would treasure...perhaps a romantic man, too. Gifts of jewelry, flowers, or chocolates are traditional Valentine's Day gifts. They are gifts that don't require much effort or imagination when choosing.  Valentine's Day gifts can be sent [...]