As a high school teacher, mother, and grandmother, I’ve watched our young people grow with a need to get everything ASAP. They want to learn, be entertained, lose weight, build muscles, and enhance body parts with very little effort. I blame the media for building the impression that their life will be more exciting and rewarding after purchasing (which can also be done with very little effort) and using the products.

With daughters and granddaughters, it is important to teach breast cancer awareness and prevention, yet now advertisements online and in the media are marketing breast enhancement creams. There are claims everywhere that breast size can be enlarged one to three cup sizes without the costs and risks of surgery and with very little effort.

Breast Enhancement Cream

The ingredients in breast enhancement cream claim to stimulate estrogen hormones by using “naturally occurring” herbs and other chemicals. Dr. York Yates, a board certified plastic surgeon in Utah, states:

“They claim to be safe, because the active ingredients are natural and although they cause a modification of the woman’s own hormones, there are no hormones in the product. Reviewing product ingredients, most of these contain one or a combination of saw palmetto, fennel seed, black cohosh, dong quai, Fenugeek, and L-Tyrosine. Some of the top selling brands including Perfect Woman, Breast Actives, Cleavage, and Embrace “work” in this manner. Another common breast enhancement cream, Benefil, claims breast enlargement from dilation of the blood vessels in the skin from caffeine. Also, they claim that their cream tightens collagen which improves breast tone and lifts saggy breasts. This does not work hormonally. I am actually sure that it doesn’t work at all, as this makes no medical sense.”

Safety and Effectiveness of Breast Enhancement Cream

My concern with the use of this product is that it is altering the balance of hormones which, in fact, could lead to the risk of cancer. I haven’t found any long-range studies that have proven this one way or the other. Breast enhancement cream has not been around long enough to be proven safe or not.

The FDA has looked into the claims made by the companies selling breast enhancement cream made from herbal ingredients. Even though they have found the claims misleading, they were not subject to the same standards of the FDA as other creams made from non-herbal ingredients.

Since the number of products using “natural” herbal ingredients to alter the natural balance of hormones is ever increasing and easily accessible to our daughters and granddaughters, I believe the FDA should hold them to the same standards now and not later, after the possible harm has been done. I also call on the media to be more socially responsible in its influence on the health of our daughters and granddaughters.

Let’s make the effort, show our young women that there is great satisfaction in putting in effort and receiving positive results…good diet, consistent body and brain exercise, right choices, and laughter…those are the “natural enhancements” that make women attractive.