It’s official…we are expecting our fourth grandchild in May! Pregnancy can seem like eternity when in all reality it is only nine months of joyful anticipation. Once the announcement is made, usually after the first trimester, preparations for preparing the nursery can get started.

Even if you prefer to wait until you learn the sex of the baby (usually in the fourth month), you can search for color and theme ideas for a baby boy or a baby girl. Trends in decorating the nursery are now branching away from the all pink or all blue room.

Complementary colors are brought in to create a more interesting decor for the baby to enjoy. There are many motifs that incorporate both pink and blue mixed with browns, tans, shades of green and yellow for a bright and cheery atmosphere for baby.

Once the color scheme and the matching bedding are chosen, then family and friends can begin to plan the baby shower and gifts to complete the baby’s room decor. I’ve recently come across a decorating idea that I love…name art with the baby’s name on an animal illustration or a combination of animal art, each with a letter in the baby’s name. As the child grows he or she will learn to recognize animals, alphabet letters, and the baby’s name, too.

Framed and matted, the above jellyfish illustration would be adorable in a seashore themed baby room with the baby’s name at the bottom.

I think this alphabet art will be one of the best baby shower gifts a new mommy will receive for her new baby to enjoy for years to come.