Baby showers are always fun to attend. I love seeing the cute, little baby clothes and other adorable gifts brought to help the soon-to-be parents prepare for their baby’s arrival. Last weekend, my daughter and I attended my niece’s baby shower. There were many guests attending, generously giving wonderful gifts for baby Abigail who will be making her debut next month.

Build-a-Bear Cuddly Hugs

One of the more unique baby shower presents given was an adorable pale pink baby bear from Build-a-Bear Workshop dressed in equally adorable baby clothes. A birth certificate with the baby’s name was added to complete the baby shower gift.

CD Boombox and Lullaby CDs

The gift my daughters I gave was a combination of a pink and white CD Boombox and lullaby CDs including Baby Einstein lullabys, Disney Princess Songs, Lullaby Classics, and Nursery Rhymes to help soothe baby to enjoy during play time and to soothe baby to sleep.

Radio Flyer Wagon and more…

A wonderful, practical gift for baby was a Radio Flyer Wagon. Inside was a child safety boat seat with a baby doll sitting in it complete with toddler life preserver and sun protection hat, “my first tackle box”, waterproof insulated tote bag…don’t forget baby’s sunscreen! On the side of the wagon was their last name painted in nautical flags. A wagon such as this is such a much appreciated gift – besides taking the child on fun rides on sunny day, so much of what needs to be taken along on an outing can be placed inside and the child carried!

Handmade Baby Clothes Armoire

A very clever gift was made from a recycled carton. The carton was turned into a baby clothes closet. A large rectangular carton was covered inside and out with pink floral gift wrap. It was then turned upright on one end. A knob was attached to each of the two flaps, making them the doors. A dowel was inserted from left to right side near the top. Baby cloths were hung on hangers on the dowel. If this was made from wood similar to the style of the doll armoire below, then it could be used for her dolls clothes later on.

If you happen to come across a used child’s dresser, you can convert it into a “dress-up” armoire that will last over the years. Our son did this exactly as shown in the link…our granddaughter said he’s “the best daddy in the whole world!”

Share with us pictures of your gift ideas!