Writing an Autumn alliteration poem is fun! Just as fall colors make driving more interesting, so does alliteration make reading poems about Autumn come alive!

AUTUMN – An Autumn Alliteration Poem

I love driving up and down the Garden State Parkway every Autumn. The trees guide me with their beautiful colors to my destination, making a somewhat boring commute more pleasant than any other season. As I drove to school one day last fall (before our very early snow storm arrived), an Autumn alliteration poem I titled AUTUMN came to mind. I found it very easy to find related words starting with the same or similar consonant sounds. Happy Autumn!


An Alliteration Poem

fading fauna and flora

silent silhouettes

abundant against

the autumn aura…

bashful browns

gorgeous gold

rustic reds

faintly falling

drifting down

like feathers from

above about

to start their slumber

’til spring starts again

© 2011 Barbara R Johnson

Recently Retired, 2016

Now that I have recently retired,

I will miss the marvelous

Autumn aura along

what once was

my commanding commute…

but I won’t miss the many

tedious traffic tie-ups!

© 2016 Barbara R Johnson

Can you write a seasonal poem similar to my Autumn Alliteration Poem, Autumn Aura, about the colors of Fall or my newer one, Recently Retired, about not missing my commanding commute?  Autumn Leaves, a short poem about autumn, is a lovely poem I think you’ll enjoy.

Just for Fun…2 Alliterative Tongue Twisters

Here are two fun tongue twisters my grandchildren, Emily (10) and Luke (7) helped me create last night as we were riding home from dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Our tongues really got twisted with these. We laughed very hard while coming up with the tongue twisters.

Tongue Twister #1

When Stanley Skunk’s stink stunk,
Stella Skunk suddenly sunk because
Stanley Skunk’s stink seriously stank.

Tongue Twister #2

When Lucey Ducey sees Lukey Dukey,
Lukey Dukey ducks down because
Lucey Ducey is a moosey,
If Lucey Ducey is a moosey,
What is Lukey Dukey?
A goosey.

I’d love to read your poems and tongue twisters.  Don’t be shy, post them below in the comment box!