Angel Nana

Have we told you how special we feel
Do you have any idea how big of a miracle you are
As we grew up we had you as a best friend
Someone we could always count on
You’re our Nana . . . Our sweet Nana

Mommy told us one day you’d be in heaven
It’s what happens when people grow old
She said while on earth you’re our grandma
But when God takes you there’s a new name you’re called

Angel Nana . . . Sweet Angel Nana

A bell will ring and then you’ll have your wings
You’ll fly and protect us where ever we go
When special things happen that we can’t explain
Who did them is something we’ll never know

Angel Nana . . . Sweet Angel Nana

Wind chimes and rainbows
The first flowers in Spring
Will always bring memories of you
There were so many wonderful things
That as a grandma you found time to do.

You sang us to sleep with lullabyes
Baked us cookies and chocolate cake
You taught us to be polite with words
That all good grandchildren should say . . .

Like please and thank you

In Winter you made us bundle up warm
On hot Summer days you took us to the beach
In the park in the Fall we played in the leaves
You lifted us up at the fountain to drink.

I think in my heart when God says you have to go
In a way I’ll be happy not sad
Because then all the other kids would get a chance to know
The wonderful grandma that we have had
Because you’ll be their angel too

Our Sweet Angel Nana . . . .

“Angel Nana” is authored & copyright(c)
protected by R.S.S. Andersen 1997
all rights to this work are reserved by the author.