As I pass through the school halls, among hundreds of hurried teens, I can’t help but to notice the social interactions that take place within the three minutes of passing time between classes. Clashing Between Classes is a poem in which I have used alliteration to express some of today’s thoughts. I have purposely not used capitals and end line punctuation so that you, the reader, may interpret this alliterative poem in your own way. Please take the time to read this poem through several times and then share your thoughts.

Teen Alliteration Poem

about teens passing in the school halls between classes

Clashing Between Classes

tumultuous teens

traveling through time

connecting, cajoling

clashing between classes

obviously oblivious

mindlessly mindfull  of

forgotten friends

once familiar, now foes

once inseparable, now isolated

harboring hidden hurt

sharing their silent song

as they too travel through time

awkwardly aware

clashing between classes

abandoning, absolving


2011 © Barbara Johnson

~ Nana’s Corner ~