This alliteration poem, The Tutor, is fun to recite quickly.

As part of the music curriculum, third graders in New Jersey are taught to toot their flutes or recorders as they are called in the schools. The students are also learning alliteration poems.

This time of year, children can be heard reciting an alliteration poem and tooting their toots on their flutes. In honor of tooters who are being tutored to toot on their flutes and those who tutor, here is a short alliteration poem that can also be fun to recite as a tongue twister.

Alliteration Poem: The Tutor

Try to read this alliteration poem, The Tutor, as fast as you can! Can you do it without getting your tongue twisted?

The Tutor

A tutor who tooted the flute
Tried to teach two young tooters to toot.
Said the two to the tutor,
“Is it harder to toot, or
To tutor two tooters to toot?”

~ Author Unknown ~

My granddaughter, Kaitlin, who is in the 3rd grade just received her recorder or flutophone as I remember it being called many years ago. She has been tooting her flute everywhere she can. The other day, she was tooting her toots on her flute outside in the front yard because inside she would have awoken her baby brother who was napping. A young friend asked her why she was tooting outside and not inside. I asked him why he asked her that. He said, “Because her toots are too loud!”