Nana’s Corner is sponsoring an alliteration poem contest for school age children in grade 5 through grade 8. Because my family and thousands of other families have just experienced Hurricane Irene here on the Jersey Shore, the theme of the alliteration poem contest is “Hurricanes”.  Here are a few rules:

  • Alliteration must be obvious throughout your Hurricane poem.
  • Limit your alliteration poem to no more than 12 lines.
  • The singular version of “hurricanes” is also acceptable: “hurricane.”
  • Submit you poem by September 15, 2011, in the “Contact Nana” form found by clicking the top tab.
  • Include your first name, last initial, and parent’s email in the form. (only visible to Nana - upon notification, a shipping address will be needed from the winner)
  • All submissions will be published on Nana’s Corner.
  • Winner will be notified on September 20, 2011 via email provided to Nana.

The Prize! 

Because the sun is brightly shining after the hurricane roared through, the winner of the Alliteration Hurricane Poem Contest definitely needs a pair of cool…

NYS Jersey Shore Collection Sunglasses

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The winner of the Alliteration Hurricane Poem contest will recieve a pair of sunglasses from the NYS Jersey Shore collection. Check them out!